Area Code 779 and 815

Area codes 779 and 815 map

The History of Area Codes 779 and 815

In Illinois, two prominent area codes, 779 and 815, have a rich history dating back several decades. Area codes are numerical prefixes assigned to specific geographic regions, allowing telephone calls to be routed efficiently within a particular area. The history of area codes 779 and 815 can be traced back to the early days of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). At that time, Illinois was primarily covered by the single area code 312.

Area code 815 was created in 1947 and became one of the original area codes under NANP. As the population grew and the demand for telephone numbers increased, the supply of available numbers under area code 815 began to diminish. To address this issue, the overlay area code 779.

The introduction of the 779 and 815 telephone codes has profoundly impacted Illinois’s communications landscape, which is heavily influenced by the region’s evolving needs and technological advances. One such innovation was the use of LNP. This feature has allowed individuals and businesses in Illinois to maintain continuity of communication by adapting to changing circumstances.

Area code 779 and 815 generally belongs to callers from these municipalities in Illinois

Adeline, IL
Amboy, IL
Apple River, IL
Aroma Park, IL
Ashkum, IL
Ashton, IL
Belvidere, IL
Bonfield, IL
Bourbonnais, IL
Braceville, IL
Bradley, IL
Braidwood, IL
Buckingham, IL
Buffalo Grove, IL
Bull Valley, IL
Byron, IL
Caledonia, IL
Capron, IL
Carbon Hill, IL
Cedar Point, IL
Cedarville, IL
Chadwick, IL
Channahon, IL
Cherry Valley, IL
Clifton, IL
Coal City, IL
Coleta, IL
Compton, IL
Cortland, IL
Crest Hill, IL
Creston, IL
Crystal Lake, IL
Crystal Lawns, IL
Dakota, IL
Dana, IL
Danforth, IL
Davis, IL
Davis Junction, IL
Deer Grove, IL
DeKalb, IL
Diamond, IL
Dixon, IL
Durand, IL
Dwight, IL
Earlville, IL
East Brooklyn, IL
East Dubuque, IL
Elizabeth, IL
Elwood, IL
Essex, IL
Fairmont, IL
Forreston, IL
Frankfort, IL
Frankfort Square, IL
Franklin Grove, IL
Freeport, IL
Fulton, IL
Galena, IL
Genoa, IL
Garden Prairie, IL
Gardner, IL
German Valley, IL
Gilman, IL
Godley, IL
Grand Detour, IL
Grand Ridge, IL
Grant Park, IL
Granville, IL
Greenwood, IL
Hanover, IL
Harmon, IL
Harrison, IL
Harvard, IL
Hebron, IL
Herscher, IL
Holiday Hills, IL
Homer Glen, IL
Hillcrest, IL
Hinckley, IL
Hopkins Park, IL
Ingalls Park, IL
Irwin, IL
Johnsburg, IL
Joliet, IL
Kangley, IL
Kankakee, IL
Kingston, IL
Kinsman, IL
Kirkland, IL
Lake Holiday, IL
Lake Summerset, IL
Lakemoor, IL
Lakewood, IL
Lakewood Shores, IL
Lanark, IL
LaSalle, IL
Leaf River, IL
Lee, IL
Leland, IL
Lena, IL
Leonore, IL
Lisbon, IL
Lockport, IL
Lostant, IL
Loves Park, IL
Lyndon, IL
Machesney Park, IL
Malta, IL
Manhattan, IL
Manteno, IL
Maple Park, IL
Marengo, IL
Marseilles, IL
Mazon, IL
McCullom Lake, IL
McHenry, IL
Mendota, IL
Menominee, IL
Millbrook, IL
Milledgeville, IL
Millington, IL
Minooka, IL
Mokena, IL
Momence, IL
Monee, IL
Monroe Center, IL
Morris, IL
Morrison, IL
Mount Carroll, IL
Mount Morris, IL
Naplate, IL
Nelson, IL
New Lenox, IL
Newark, IL
Nora, IL
North Utica, IL
Odell, IL
Oglesby, IL
Onarga, IL
Orangeville, IL
Oregon, IL
Ottawa, IL
Paw Paw, IL
Pearl City, IL
Pecatonica, IL
Peotone, IL
Peru, IL
Plainfield, IL
Polo, IL
Pontiac, IL
Poplar Grove, IL
Prairie Grove, IL
Preston Heights, IL
Princeton, IL
Prophetstown, IL
Ransom, IL
Reddick, IL
Richmond, IL
Ridott, IL
Ringwood, IL
Rochelle, IL
Rock City, IL
Rock Falls, IL
Rockdale, IL
Rockford, IL
Rockton, IL
Romeoville, IL
Roscoe, IL
Rutland, IL
St. Anne, IL
Sandwich, IL
Savanna, IL
Scales Mound, IL
Seneca, IL
Shabbona, IL
Shannon, IL
Sheridan, IL
Shorewood, IL
Somonauk, IL
South Beloit, IL
South Wilmington, IL
Spring Grove, IL
Spring Valley, IL
Sterling, IL
Steward, IL
Stillman Valley, IL
Stockton, IL
Streator, IL
Sublette, IL
Sun River Terrace, IL
Sycamore, IL
Symerton, IL
Tampico, IL
Thomson, IL
Timberlane, IL
Toluca, IL
Tonica, IL
Troy Grove, IL
Union, IL
Union Hill, IL
Verona, IL
Walnut, IL
Warren, IL
Waterman, IL
Watseka, IL
West Brooklyn, IL
Wenona, IL
Wilmington, IL
Winnebago, IL
Winslow, IL
Wonder Lake, IL
Woodstock, IL

779 and 815 Area Codes FAQs

Q: What area codes are 779 and 815?

A: The area codes 779 and 815 are telephone numbering codes in Illinois, United States.

Q: When 779 and 815 area codes were created?

A: The 815 area code was created in 1947, while the 779 area code was introduced as an overlay for the same geographic region in 2007.

Q: Where are area codes 779 and 815?

A: Area codes 779 and 815 cover a large portion of northern Illinois, including cities such as Rockford, Joliet, and DeKalb, as well as numerous smaller towns and communities in the region.

Q: Who needs to dial 1 before the 779 and 815 area codes?

A: When dialing a number within the 779 or 815 area codes from within the United States, dialing the number 1 before the area code is unnecessary. However, if you are dialing from outside the United States, you must include the country code (1) before the area code.

Q: Why are area codes like 779 and 815 important?

A: Area codes like 779 and 815 are important for efficient and organized telephone communication. They help identify specific geographic areas and enable callers to reach the intended recipients within those regions.

Q: Are area codes 779 and 815 overlaid with another area code?

A: Area codes 779 and 815 were not overlaid with any other area codes.

Q: What other area codes are nearby area codes 779 and 815?

A: Some other nearby area codes in the vicinity of 779 and 815 include area codes on the West 563, North – 353/608, 262; East – 847/224, 630/331, 708; South – 309/861, 217.

Q: Can I obtain a phone number with Area Codes 779 and 815?

A: Yes, you can obtain a phone number with area codes 779 and 815 if it is available from your telephone service provider.

Q: What is the population of the area covered by area codes 779 and 815?

A: The population of the area covered by area codes 779 and 815 is difficult to determine precisely, as it encompasses multiple counties and numerous cities and towns. The region’s combined population covered by these area codes was several million.

Q: What is the timezone for Area Codes 779 and 815?

A: The timezone for area codes 779 and 815 is Central Standard Time (CST) and Central Daylight Time (CDT) when daylight saving time is in effect.

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