Area Code 630 and 331

Area codes 630 and 331 map

The History of Area Codes 630 and 331

Area codes 630 and 331 have played an integral role in developing telecommunications in Illinois. They have provided the necessary infrastructure to meet the growing communication needs of businesses and residents in the suburban areas surrounding Chicago. By understanding the history and significance of these area codes, we gain insight into our communication networks’ evolution and impact on our everyday lives.

In the initial implementation of the NANP, Illinois was assigned area code 312, which covered the entire state. However, as the demand for telephone lines surged, the need for additional area codes became evident. On August 3, 1996, area code 630 was introduced as an overlay for area code 312. This new area code was assigned to suburban areas west and southwest of Chicago. To meet the increasing demand for telephone numbers, the Illinois Commerce Commission introduced a second overlay area code, 331, on February 3, 2007. Area code 331 shares the same geographic region as area code 630.

The introduction of area codes 630 and 331 significantly impacted the telecommunications landscape in Illinois. The overlays facilitated the continued growth of businesses and accommodated the rising population of the suburban areas. Moreover, these area codes have become ingrained in the daily lives of Illinois residents, who rely on them for personal and professional communication.

Area code 630 and 331 generally belongs to callers from these municipalities in Illinois

Addison, IL
Aurora, IL
Bartlett, IL
Batavia, IL
Bensenville, IL
Big Rock, IL
Bloomingdale, IL
Bolingbrook, IL
Burr Ridge, IL
Campton Hills, IL
Carol Stream, IL
Clarendon Hills, IL
Darien, IL
Downers Grove, IL
Elburn, IL
Elmhurst, IL
Geneva, IL
Glendale Heights, IL
Glen Ellyn, IL
Hanover Park, IL
Hinsdale, IL
Itasca, IL
Kaneville, IL
Lemont, IL
Lily Lake, IL
Lisle, IL
Lombard, IL
Millbrook, IL
Montgomery, IL
Naperville, IL
North Aurora, IL
Oak Brook, IL
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Oswego, IL
Plano, IL
Roselle, IL
Schaumburg, IL
St. Charles, IL
Streamwood, IL
Sugar Grove, IL
Villa Park, IL
Virgil, IL
Warrenville, IL
Wayne, IL
West Chicago, IL
Westmont, IL
Wheaton, IL
Willowbrook, IL
Winfield, IL
Wood Dale, IL
Woodridge, IL
Yorkville, IL

630 and 331 Area Codes FAQs

Q: What area codes are 630 and 331?

A: Area codes 630 and 331 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the western suburbs of Chicago

Q: When 630 and 331 area codes were created?

A: Area code 630 was established on August 3, 1996. It was created out of area code 708 due to increased population and telephone service demand. Later, as the need for more phone numbers grew, area code 331 was created as an overlay for 630 on November 7, 2007.

Q: Where are area codes 630 and 331?

A: Area codes 630 and 331 cover the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. It includes cities such as Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, and Downers Grove, among others

Q: Who needs to dial 1 before the 630 and 331 area codes?

A: As a rule, the number 1 must be dialed before the area code for any long-distance call within the United States. Therefore, if someone calls a 630 or 331 number outside of these area codes, they would need to dial 1 first.

Q: Why are area codes like 630 and 331 important?

A: Area codes like 630 and 331 are important because they designate specific geographic regions for telephone services. It aids in routing phone calls to the correct location. Additionally, they can provide information about where a call is coming from or where a phone is registered.

Q: Are area codes 630 and 331 overlaid with another area code?

A: Yes, area code 331 is an overlay of area code 630. It means that both area codes serve the same geographic area.

Q: What other area codes are nearby area codes 630 and 331?

A: Nearby area codes 630 and 331 in Illinois include 847 and 224 to the north, 815 and 779 to the west, and 708, 773, 872, 312, and 464 to the east, in the Chicago area.

Q: Can I obtain a phone number with Area Codes 630 and 331?

A: Yes, you can obtain a phone number with the 630 or 331 area codes. The process typically involves contacting a telephone service provider that serves that region.

Q: What is the population of the area covered by area codes 630 and 331?

A: The 630 and 331 area codes are vast, with the largest city in the region being Chicago, with a population of 8,604,203

Q: What is the timezone for Area Codes 630 and 331?

A: Area codes 630 and 331 are located in the Central Time Zone in the United States.

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